The restaurant

We offer fine dining near Gudhjem, and we do everything we can to give our guests a gastronomic experience that exceeds their expectations
Our ambition is to be one of the best restaurants on Bornholm

Our selection of wine amazes all the guests and keeps the level top notch

Our menus are inspired by the season and local ingredients

Get your weekend off to a great start with a delicious Bubble Brunch

The restaurant’s menus reflect a love of the seasons and local specialities

In our restaurant near Gudhjem you’ll find gastronomic delights along with a great view of the sky and sea. Attentive and friendly waiters are on hand to make your visit a memorable one.

Our talented chefs put together well-prepared menus with a love for good local ingredients. The menus are seasonal and change every month.

You can choose between four- and seven-course gourmet menus and from a wine menu, where each glass is carefully matched to the dish.

Gourmet vegetarian menus are also available.

Breakfast buffet with Bornholm specialities during sunrise

Get a good start to the morning with our breakfast buffet created with a focus on selected Bornholm specialties and home-made dishes, where quality and taste go hand in hand. At the same time, you can watch the beautiful sunrise over the Baltic Sea, while the day starts in calm surroundings. Even if you are not staying at the beach hotel, you can book a table for breakfast in the restaurant all days of the week.

Extra weekend pampering with bubble brunch

Every Sunday we serve a little extra weekend treat in the form of a “bubble brunch”. Here you’ll find the kitchen’s wide selection of brunch favorites with a focus on quality and taste. And of course, it’s always served with a glass of bubbly – sparkling wine – coffee, tea, juice and lots of homemade delicacies.
A treat for all the senses!

Dining with exquisite wines

From the restaurant you can look into our new wine cellar, which has glass walls so you can enjoy the sight of the good wines. Our wine list is broad, with an emphasis on French wines and wines from regions that complement the restaurant’s menus.

A wine menu is available and several bottles are sold by the glass. We’re always on hand to help you find the right wine for the dishes and the mood.

Atmospheric entertainment near Gudhjem

On special dates, professional pianists play lovely music on the restaurant’s Steinway grand piano, adding a magical atmosphere for all diners.

Starry moments on the restaurant terrace

The restaurant’s lovely terrace looks onto Gudhjem, the Baltic Sea and the cliffs; here you can relax and enjoy the special atmosphere of a classic seaside hotel in fantastic surroundings. Sit back and digest the day’s impressions with a glass – or be pampered by the restaurant’s current menu.

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