The restaurant

We offer fine dining near Gudhjem, and we do everything we can to give our guests a gastronomic experience that exceeds their expectations
Our ambition is to be one of the best restaurants on Bornholm

Our selection of wine amazes all the guests and keeps the level top notch

Our menus are inspired by the season and local ingredients

Get your weekend off to a great start with a delicious Bubble Brunch

Our world cuisine on Bornholm

Where local ingredients create modern gastronomy.

Chef Mathias Nielsen and pastry chef Emil Vang know what Bornholm tastes like. From childhood they got to know the island’s harvesting sites, but it was the apprenticeship on the mainland that strengthened their love for the local produce. Together, the couple unite the Nordic, French and Asian in a Bornholm based world cuisine, where vegetables and herbs are harvested in the morning and served in the evening.

All year round, the chefs pick and gather raw materials in the nature around Stammershalle Badehotel. In the spring they gather rams’ onions and fir shoots in the Troll Forest, along the rocky coast berries are harvested in the summer and in autumn the forest floor at Døndalen is full of mushrooms.

It gives you the taste of Bornholm on a plate, and a dining experience that, both in flavours, colors and textures, takes you very close to the changing of the seasons and the nature that the restaurant overlooks.

Every day, new nuances appear, which the chefs seize and use in the 4- and 7-course seasonal menus, which are naturally also served pescetarian.

A gourmet experience with us is therefore never the same – not even when you eat with us several days in a row.

Breakfast buffet with sunrise and Bornholm specialties

The day begins at the Stammershalle Badehotel with a breakfast buffet, where Bornholm specialties and home-made dishes once again set the standard. Lean back in tranquil surroundings as you wake up to the sunrise over the Baltic Sea and the discreet attention of our skilled waiters. Even if you are not staying at the beach hotel, you can book a table for breakfast in the restaurant all days of the week.

Extra weekend pampering with bubble brunch

On Sundays we sleep long. First at 11.30 we serve Bubble Brunch, which offers the kitchen’s large selection of brunch favourites, where taste, quality and homemade delicacies – as always – are at the centre.

For the many delicious specialities, we traditionally serve coffee, tea, juice and, of course, sparkling wine.

Star Wine List, the guide to great wine bars and restaurants in Bornholm.

Wine cellar with exquisite wines

Good wines highlight the food. Our Restaurant Manager Tim Ottosen ensures that the wine supports the servings, so that the balance between acidity and sweetness is matched to taste.

Many of our guests choose the wine menu or the large cellar wine menu, which is specially composed based on the current gourmet menu. If you want to explore our wine list at your own pace, the sommelier will be happy to help you find the right bottle or just a single glass.

Our impressive wine cellar is carved out of the Bornholm cliffs. Here we store wines from all over the world under perfect conditions, although our enthusiasm for French and German wines cannot be hidden. We are especially interested in the northern regions, including Burgundy, the Loire and the German wine regions. With their rigorous characters, these wines harmonize beautifully with our culinary dishes.

We have a deep respect for small producers who practice sustainable wine production. Of course, we also have representatives from the more established wine regions, because we value the opportunity to follow a wine’s development over time. This is why we have a significant collection of older vintages from Burgundy and Germany. It has also been instrumental in us distinguishing ourselves on the prestigious ‘Star Wine List’ as one of the best wine bars and restaurants in the world.

Atmospheric dining with music

The heart of the restaurant is the mahogany Steinway grand piano, where professional, local pianists sit down at the keys every Saturday and on selected dates throughout the year.

The calm piano music spreads a magical atmosphere between the tables when it merges with the sea view and the taste impressions on the plate.

The island's most beautiful view on the restaurant's terrace

The large, open terrace is a natural meeting point with a beautiful view towards Gudhjem, the Baltic Sea and the Bornholm cliffs. Here guests enjoy a drink before dinner, breakfast under the open sky or rest with freshly brewed coffee after a day of experiences on Bornholm.

It’s a classic seaside hotel – just the way we love it.

Restaurant offers

Vang’s cake buffet – Saturdays

Be greeted by chocolate swirls, crispy cake bunds, soft mousses and sharp cuts at Vangs Cake Table.

Bring friends and family, pour some freshly brewed coffee into white cups, sip Stammershalle-tea and enjoy Emil Vangs elegant cake creations that excite the eyes and treat the mouth.

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