Carved in Bornholm granite: New attraction at the hotel

“Surrounded by Bornholm granite, the new wine cellar is now ready as an extension of the restaurant at Stammershalle Badehotel. A nice showcase with practical advantages, says a happy director.”

Article: Nominated for a Michelin key

“It is almost 125 years since the Michelin Guide awarded the first stars to restaurants with gourmet food at an extraordinarily high level. Now the world’s most discerning gathering of taste judges is taking on the hotels.”

Article: Smagens Time

“In the service of a good cause, children aged five to 15 could get a 3-course menu at the Stammershalle Badehotel.”

Article: Danish seaside hotels

“The food at Stammershalle is famous. The wine list is impressive. The rooms are newly renovated, naturally more retro than ever, with fine material choices. The Swedes make a pilgrimage here via Ystad. The ferry takes just over an hour and costs a tenth of the Gotlandsditonen.”

Article: Svensk Damtidning

“Along the beautiful coastline, between Tejn and Gudhjem on Bornholm, you cannot miss the stately bathing hotel Stammershalle. Here you are invited in a relaxed atmosphere, good food and a wonderful view across the Baltic Sea.”

Article: Smag på Bornholm

“In the past ten years, Bornholm has risen to the top of the gastronomic scene. Visitors from all over the world make a pilgrimage to the rocky island to eat well-prepared ingredients sourced from the chefs’ backyards and enhanced by creative, local producers.”

Article: Et nyt liv på bornholmsk badehotel

“Susanne Vang Søgård and Ulrich Søgård have taken the leap from Holbæk to a new life at Stammershalle Badehotel.”

Article: Visual Bornholm

“In the middle of the rocks, you will find a real beach hotel atmosphere in the majestic, yellow beach hotel, which has its own soul, history and atmosphere.”