Unique events at Stammershalle Badehotel

Vang’s cake buffet – Saturdays

Be greeted by chocolate swirls, crispy cake bunds, soft mousses and sharp cuts at Vangs Cake Table.

Bring friends and family, pour some freshly brewed coffee into white cups, sip Stammershalle-tea and enjoy Emil Vangs elegant cake creations that excite the eyes and treat the mouth.

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Saint John’s Eve Sunday, June 23

Saint John’s Eve Sunday, June 23 Saint John’s Eve is for most of us associated with traditions – and that also applies here at Stammershalle Badehotel, where you can experience Saint John’s Even in beautiful surroundings. We start with the chef’s lovely 3-course menu and finish opposite the beach hotel in the beautiful cliff area, where the sunset can be enjoyed.Here we toast and sing together while we watch the blazing fire quietly burn down. True to tradition, Stammershalle sand cake

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Hotel & Gourmet Restaurant

Iconic Seaside Hotel on Bornholm