Mini Getaway

Get away from everyday life and stay at Stammershalle Badehotel for 3 days with good food, beautiful nature and time for relaxation.

Enjoy a short holiday on Bornholm

Discover what Bornholm has to offer and stay at a real Bornholm beach hotel, where the focus is on cosiness and high quality food.

Every evening, our chefs offer a 2-course menu based on seasonal ingredients, while in the restaurant you enjoy the atmosphere and the wines.

After an overnight stay in your room, you can look forward every morning to a breakfast table with freshly baked bread, Bornholm specialties and homemade delicacies.


Price from: DKK 5,640 for 2 people

Mini Getaways are not offered in June, July and August.

Guest testimonials

“Lovely hotel with Bornholm’s best location. The place oozes cosiness.”

– Peter

“Wonderful location and views of the Baltic Sea – an atmospheric seaside hotel that calls for a revisit.”

– Jeppe

“The seaside hotel has an absolutely fantastic location with the most beautiful views of the cliffs and the Baltic Sea.”

– Bente

Bornholm as a vacation island

The surroundings by the hotel

Stammershalle Badehotel is located on the north coast, which is one of Bornholm’s most beautiful stretches between Gudhjem and Tejn.

Exactly opposite the hotel you will find a large selection of cultural-historical memories, and you do not have to walk many steps before you are out in the magnificent Bornholm nature with the Sanctuary Rocks and Døndalevandfaldet within reasonable walking distance.

Transport to Bornholm

It has never been easier to get to Bornholm.

After just a few hours drive and a ferry ride, you arrive at Stammershalle Badehotel.
The airline DAT even offers flights directly to Bornholm, so you arrive on Bornholm only 40 minutes after departure.

Hotel & Gourmet Restaurant

Iconic Seaside Hotel on Bornholm